Secondary Steel Containment


Dura LifeŽ Advantages

Built to Last. Cost Effective


Enviro-Pro is proud to provide Dura LifeŽ spill containment systems. Unmatched for quality and durability, Dura Life is the most common sense alternative to high-maintenance, costly earth dikes and concrete. For your convenience, they can be customized to your specific size requirements.


Secondary containment installation



Built to Last

Dura Life is designed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), efficiently pinpointing and eliminating stress points to produce the most environmentally safe system in the industry.


Exceeds Environmental Regulations

Dura Life is built to exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards and EUB (G55) regulations for oil spill prevention and countermeasures.



Dura Life is engineered with only the highest quality, chemically treated, galvanized steel. With 65,000 PSI, and 10- and 12-gauge corrugated steel construction, it resists pressure, rust and corrosion in even the harshest environments.



Our steel systems ensure longevity. By forming each sidewall sheet with flanged tops and double-bolted seams, this design provides twice the strength while maintaining sidewall shape and failsafe seals. To prevent further leakage, our high-grade liners are expertly sealed at each seam.



Expansions and modifications to an existing system can be accomplished easily by simply adding additional panels and liner.



Dura Life can be easily disassembled, moved to a new site and reassembled, making relocation fast and simple.



Our liners and geotextile fabrics offer the highest flexibility for dimensional stability and to easily conform to diverse terrain. Various liners are available to suit any type of project.


Professional Installation

Each site is installed by a Dura Life configuration professional, ensuring absolute attention to detail and your peace of mind.



To minimize installation time and save money, the modular design features a quick and easy bolt assembly, manufactured under the strictest quality control standards.


Timely and Efficient Cost Estimating

Dura Life’s custom software integrates site-specific data to deliver technical, material and cost specifications for your containment system.



Dura LifeŽ Ground Guard

Zero Ground Disturbance Containment System


Created exclusively for above ground installations, the Ground Guard requires zero ground penetration and is a perfect alternative for areas where underground systems are not an option.


  1. These containment systems require ZERO ground penetration and/or disturbance - taking away timely site identification that is typically needed when installing systems requiring post holes set in concrete.
  2. Ground Guard Systems take the risk of puncturing existing pipelines away by removing the threat of digging underground.
  3. Concrete materials are eliminated entirely, making the Ground Guard the toughest, all-steel system in the industry.


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Dura LifeŽ Accessory Products

Dependable products to meet customer needs


Cross Over Step Packages

Dura Life Cross Over Step for Secondary ContainmentOur complete line of non-skid Cross Over Steps offer long lasting durability and safe access to and from containment areas. Select from a variety of Cross Over Step sizes and four extensions that work easily with typical and custom containment applications.




Tank Rings

Dura Life Tank RingsHeavy gauge tank rings filled with gravel lift the tank above the surrounding grade. This keeps the tank out of standing water and increases the life of the tank bottom.